About Us

CDAL Jolly Harbour is the Company that Manages the development of Jolly Harbour and also serves as a Management Company for Jolly Harbour’s over 800 property owners.  CDAL is a dynamic Company whose aim is to ensure that Jolly Harbour reaches its potential as the top residential community in the Caribbean, and boasts a commercial shopping area that is second to none.


Jolly Harbour boast a gated community Village with the public amenities of a Marina, Golf Course, Sports Centre and Shopping Centre. Homeowner Properties are either Homes which are constructed,  or Villas which are mainly waterfront and offer the facility for Mooring of boats. These homes make up the private side of Jolly Harbour.


Outside of the homes, Jolly Harbour is open to all persons including anyone who might be interested in doing business in our Commercial Area which is available for rental of space. Visit us, or enquire to have a viewing of what may be available for Rent.

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