Upkeep of the Compound


Properties at Jolly Harbour are to be kept clean and properly maintained at all times. As a property owner or tenant renting a villa at Jolly Harbour, it is your responsibility to ensure that your property is kept clean. We are requesting that each owner or tenant conducts an inspection of their residence to ensure that the area they are responsible for is cleared of all rubbish, landscape waste, debris and also that your garbage is disposed of properly. It is important that management and the entire Jolly Harbour Community all work together to maintain a beautiful, clean, harmonious and attractive Jolly Harbour.  Caribbean Developments (Antigua) Ltd. will be happy to assist you with any clean-up issues that you might have. Please contact Mr. Belle on +1-268-464-0973 or Carol Joseph in the Customer Relations Office or +1-268-726-2628 for any assistance you may require.


Disposing of your garbage should be done in a tidy manner for collection. You are also kindly being reminded that garbage is to be placed in the fixed bins provided by CDAL. Garbage collection is on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Garbage is to be properly bagged and disposed of in the designated garbage collection areas. Residents are encouraged to use the new recycling skip that is located in the Commercial Center parking area.  Batteries and oil are to be properly disposed of in the designated container at the Jolly Harbour Marina Boatyard.


Combustible, inflammable or other offensive materials must not be stored on the property with the exception of diesel and gasoline in reasonable quantities and in properly designed and constructed containers.


Caribbean Developments (Antigua) Ltd. wishes to advise our home owners/residents and business operators that your safety and security is always our major concern, we advise that you adhere to all rules and regulations of our “Code of Conduct” to ensure a safe and secure community. Our objective is that these efforts will heighten the standard of living while nurturing good safety practices in the community.